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Grow Bush Hills

Bush Hills Connections in partnership with Bush Hills Neighborhood Association is pleased to introduce "Grow Bush Hills" funded by the University of Alabama at Birmingham Micro-Grant.  

Grow Bush Hills is a program offered to residents of Bush Hills focused on gardening and all things food - growing, preserving, and cooking.


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Community Garden & Urban Farm

Community gardens and urban farms play a significant role in promoting health and wellness within a community. Our community gardens and urban farms are valuable resources for providing fresh, nutritious, and locally grown produce to the community. By growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs, these initiatives make it easier for neighbors and the wider community to access healthy food options. This can contribute to improved nutrition and overall well-being.


The Bush Hills community gardens and urban farms are a hands-on educational experience that focuses on healthy eating. These initiatives will provide information about the benefits of consuming fresh produce, the importance of a balanced diet, and tips on meal planning and preparation. By participating in such educational opportunities, our community gardens will provide you the vegetables you need to promote a healthier diet for you and your family members.


Bush Hills Community Complex offers culinary cooking demonstrations and workshops that showcase creative ways to use the produce we grow from our urban farms. Our courses highlight healthy cooking techniques, recipes, and meal ideas that incorporate fresh, local garden ingredients. These cooking demonstrations are designed to inspire community members to try new recipes and develop culinary skills, ultimately leading to a greater adoption of healthy eating habits.

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